Relicensing The Ozark Beach Hydroelectric Project

Learning from Relicensing: Lessons for the Hydro Industry

Study Requests for the Class of '93 Hydropower Projects

The Demise of Equal Consideration; Otherwise Known as ESA Section 7 Consultation

Overcoming Permitting and Licensing Inconsistencies While Developing and Operating Projects in Different Western States

The Curse of Sisyphus: Using License Reopeners to Impose Additional Environmental Conditions on FERC Licensed Projects

The Results Are In Auditing Hydropower License Compliance

Negotiating the Maze: Hydroelectric Development and Relicensing on Federal Lands

Deciding Competing Resource use Issues at FERC-From Theory to Practice

In Search of Navigable Waters

The Role of the Enhanced Version of HEC5 in Hydropower Planning and Licensing

Prioritizing PG&E's Environmental Research for Hydropower

Hydro Task Force Evaluations Northern States Power Company

Determining the Number of Transects in IFIM Studies

HUD Concerns: Post-Tensioned Foundations in Texas
An investigation was conducted of post-tensioned slab foundation systems in Texas pursuant to a request from the Headquarters Office's of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development...

Overview of ORIGEN2 and ORIGEN-S: Capabilities and Limitations

The Role of ORIGEN-S in the Design of Burnup Credit Spent Fuel Casks

The Role of the Repository Implementer in Providing and Demonstrating Safe Disposal of Radioactive Wastes

Validation, Acceptance and Licensing: How Much Scientific Facts Can the Process Digest?

Facility Interface Capability Assessment





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