Educating A Structural Engineer
It is important for universities to equip college graduates with a strong theoretical background necessary for sound engineering judgement. It is equally important for universities to...

Computing in Analysis and Design in Structural Engineering Education, Practice and Registration - A Rationale for Dialogue
Structural analysis and design are increasingly being taught using personal computers, workstations or mainframe computers at the universities. The structural engineering designs in small...

Limitations on Scientific Prediction and How They Could Affect Repository Licensing

The First Multipurpose Spent Fuel Container Reviewed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC)

Certification of a Spent Fuel Cask for Storage and Transportation

The Development of a Packaging Handbook

Utility Industry Perspectives on Repository Licensing

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Seismic Design Licensing Case as an Analog to Alternative Repository Licensing Strategies

Compliance with NRC Subsystem Requirements in the Repository Licensing Process

Repository Program Licensing Approach

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff Approaches to Improving the Integration of Regulatory Guidance Documents and Prelicensing Reviews

The Use of Expert Judgment Elicitation to Predict Future Climate for the Yucca Mountain Nevada Vicinity

Role of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's On-Site Representatives in Pre-Licensing Activities for a High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository

Voice Operated Information System (VOIS) for Electronic Pages Information System
This paper explains the ongoing work performed at UC Davis called Voice Operated Information System (VOIS) in the area of Advanced Travel Information Systems (ATIS). The aim of this work...

PCI Plant and Personnel Certification for the Precast Concrete Industry

Vietnam: Taming the Tiger
For businesses, few developing countries offer as many opportunities in a stable political environment as Vietnam. Nevertheless, the country's commercial and legal systems...

Qualification System for Building Engineers in Korea
This paper introduces and discusses the qualification system for professional engineers in Korea which was first established thirty years ago under the Professional Engineers Act. This...

Using License Plate Survey Data in Transportation Planning Applications
This paper is a presentation of the methodology used by the Baltimore Regional Council of Governments to conduct a multi-faceted study for the Maryland Aviation Administration, which operates...

Summary of Questions and Responses for Session 1: General Overview of Design Analysis and Licensing Considerations

Mission Analysis of the Exploratory Studies Facility
The mission of the Exploratory Studies Facility (ESF), as interpreted from the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, can be stated succinctly as, conduct subsurface exploration and testing,...





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