The Results Are In Auditing Hydropower License Compliance

Negotiating the Maze: Hydroelectric Development and Relicensing on Federal Lands

Deciding Competing Resource use Issues at FERC-From Theory to Practice

In Search of Navigable Waters

The Role of the Enhanced Version of HEC5 in Hydropower Planning and Licensing

Prioritizing PG&E's Environmental Research for Hydropower

Hydro Task Force Evaluations Northern States Power Company

Licensing and Permitting the Devil's Nose Project Under the 1990's Regulatory Conditions
Amador County is one of California's mountain counties of the western slope of the Sierra Nevada range in the north central portion of the state. The present population is estimated to...

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff Development of the License Application Review Plan for a High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff has recently started a new initiative to develop the License Application Review Plan (LARP) which the staff will use in its reviews of the U.S....

Determining the Number of Transects in IFIM Studies

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans For Hydropower Projects

Case Study - 401 Permit and Discharge Aeration

Consistency and Fairness in Geotextile Specifications
By clearly defining required material properties in terms of 'Minimum Average Roll Values' for routine quality control tests and 'Average Test Values in the Weakest Principal Direction'...

Overview of ORIGEN2 and ORIGEN-S: Capabilities and Limitations

The Role of the Repository Implementer in Providing and Demonstrating Safe Disposal of Radioactive Wastes

MRS Site Requirements and Considerations and the Potential Influences of Specific Technology Selections

Experience with Spent Fuel Storage Licensing

Licensing Issues: Clarification and Convergence

Use of Annotated Outlines to Prepare Guidance for License Applications for the MRS and MGDS

U.S. Department of Energy Issue Resolution Process





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