Ethical and Professional Issues Associated with River Restoration
As river and ecosystem restoration becomes increasingly more common, more professional concerns are arising including licensure, professional responsibility, ethical behavior, competency,...

Liberal Arts as the First Professional Degree in Geotechnical Engineering

Specialty Certification ... Is it Right for the G-I?

The First Professional Degree and the Advance of CE Education

Civil Engineering Curricula for the First Professional Degree

Advantages of the Masters Degree as the First Professional Degree

Evaluation of New Installations for Concrete Pipe

Advancements in Design and Installation of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

Automated License Plate Recognition with a Neural Net Based Accelerator

Generalised Assessment Method: Rules and Guidelines

Basis of License Plate Recognition and a New Approach

Post Construction Site Rehabilitation Cleaning Up the Mess

Responding to Aesthetic Values at Shoshone Falls

When the Property is the Project: Integrating the Federal Power Act with the Requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Hydro Economic factors in Light of Industry Restructuring

Practical Environmental Mitigation at the Essex 19 Hydroelectric Project

Collaborative Instream Flow Resolution Utilizing an Enhanced Delphi Technique

Building Alliances with Resource Agencies and River Stakeholders through a Negotiated Settlement

White River Fish Screen Project Planning and Design

Alternative Relicensing Strategies





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