The Liability Crisis-Revisited
The 'liability crisis' of the 1980s which has affected engineers and other professionals in a significant way is considered. A number of theories or opinions...

Structural Engineering Education Practice and Liability

Awareness of Quality Control

Professional Liability of the Civil Engineer

Addressing Nontechnical Issues in C.E. Education

Preparing Undergraduates for Professional Practice

Engineers and New Technology: Legal Considerations

Implementing Superfund Wastewater Discharges to Publicly Owned Treatment Works

Quality, Responsibility and Liability

Defining Quality, Responsibility and Liability

Where the Legal System Fits in

Site Assessments
The 1986 Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act (SARA) established an innocent purchaser defense applicable if a new owner conducts appropriate inspection and appropriate inquiry...

The Fine Print
An engineer who uses software, or supervises those who do, must know the laws regulating its purchase and use. Whether a company contracts for custom software, or leases, licenses or contracts...

The Congressional Response to Oil Spills

The Quest for Quality
an Engineer's View on Responsibility and Liability
This proceedings is the product of the 1990 Triennial Conference which is a conference series held every three years, alternating on each side of the Atlantic, originally between the American...

What's Wrong With Superfund
In nine years of the federal government's Superfund program, $4 billion has been spent and only 38 of the 1,175 sites on the national priority list have been cleaned. There...

On-Site Incineration
A variety of equipment is now available for incinerating hazardous wastes in situ. Thermal treatment, compared to land disposal, offers limited liability and immediate destruction. It...

The Saga of Senate Bill 2067
With the advent of the California Superfund program, liability related to toxic waste cleanup became a critical issue in California. The state had no authority to indemnify consultants...

Liabilities for Weather Modification Activities

Impact of Litigation on Foundation Engineering in the United States
This paper presents a consulting engineer's perspective on the impact of litigation on foundation engineering practice in the United States. It consists primarily of the review...





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