A New Model of Risk Allocation for Construction Contracts based on Fair Liabilities between Parties

Strategies for Remediation Managers
Since the early 1980s the environmental business has focused on avoiding loss. Today the industry is experiencing a paradigm shift toward creating value, and this is impacting the way...

Risk in Geotechnical Engineering for Embankment Dams

Let the Buyer (and Seller) Beware
A merger or acquisition shouldn't be a gamble, but many firms depend too much on good luck and good will. For long-term success, the best bet is a checklist for professional...

Are There Benefits to Continuing Professional Development?
This paper was selected as the Mead student paper winner for 1996. The author defended the position that continuing professional development should be a priority for all engineers and...

Liability to Asset: Beneficial Reuse of Stabilized Contaminated Soils

CERCLA Liability and the Environmental Professional—An Overview of Judicial Developments

Engineers and ADA
When it comes to the Americans with Disabilities Act, design professionals have special liability concerns. Engineers not only have to ensure that clients meet the act's stringent...

Structural Steel Connection Design Responsibility

Water Quality Aspects of Groundwater Recharge: Chemical Characteristics of Recharge Waters and Long-Term Liabilities of Recharge Projects

Construction Inspection Liability on Public Sector Projects

Partnering: A Sustainable Future for the Development of Our Transportation System

Policy Issues of Transporting Spent Nuclear Fuel by Rail

Safety at the Site
The engineer should not be responsible for safety at the construction site. Most standard contract documents allocate this responsibility in construction means, methods and sequences to...

Natural Hazard Issues in International Structural Engineering

International Organization of Structural Consultants

Structural Design Standards of Practice in Japan: From the Perspective of the Application for Approval by the Government

Total Quality Management for Information Technology
Recently, there has been an increased awareness in the AEC firms toward Total Quality Management (TQM). Many AEC firms and the public sector started to look seriously at TQM. The reason...

Port-Tenant Relations: A Pro-active Approach to Reducing Environmental Contamination and Liability
The Port of Oakland has instituted a number of measures to improve environmental practices of tenants operating on Port-owned land and facilities. These measures, which include lease provisions,...

Selection and use of Pipeline Leak Detection Methods for Liability Management into the 21st Century
Pipeline leak detection systems have been in use for many years on all types of pipelines with various products being transported. Pipeline owners and operators are subject to stringent...





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