Impact of Inspector's Experience on Owner's Liability
Inspection of construction methods and procedures is a very important part of the total process of constructing a facility. This inspection is accomplished by the total efforts of the...

Managing Liability
The Individual's Challenge, the Organization's Challenge, the Project Manager's Challenge
These proceedings are the papers presented during the 1982 Spring Convention of the American Society of Civil Engineers to determine how engineers can live with, manage, and limit liability....

Reducing Risk and Liability through Better Specifications and Inspection
Papers presented at the Conference on Reducing Risk and Liability through Better Specifications and Inspection, and transcripts of the ensuing discussions are included in these proceedings....

Lawsuits Arising Out of Reconstruction
Liability judgements resulting out of negligence in the performance of highway design, construction or maintenance activities have continued to increase in the past decade, notwithstanding...

The Effect of Contract Wording on Inspector Liability
Design professionals should endeavor not to write burdensome or inaccurate contracts; i.e., those that inaccurately describe duties. Inspector...

The Professional Manager's Dilemma -- Leadership vs. Liability

Legal Implications of Professional Management

Risk and Liabilities of Specifications

Management of Submittals to Reduce Liability

Reducing Owner Liability Through Proper Inspection Techniques

How General Consultants can Provide Owners with Improved Performance and Reduced Risks and Liabilities Through Better Specifications and Inspection

Living with Liability: The Individual's Challenge from a Traffic Engineer's Viewpoint

A Government Engineer's Personal Liability

Liability and the Engineer as an Employee

Living with Liability: A Summary and Overview

Liability: Attitudes and Procedures

Managing Liability: the Insuror's Perspective

Product Liability and Professional Responsibility Risk Analysis

Liabilities of Superfund Contractors

Liability Insurance, Hazardous Waste, and Engineers





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