The Printed Word: A Defense Against Liability?
Design professionals should endeavor not to write burdensome or inaccurate contracts; i. e. , those that inaccurately describe duties. Inspector liability is not relieved by ambiguity...

Design Standards and Public Liability
For years in California, a defense to a negligence action was contributory negligence. This was replaced in 1975 by comparative negligence, which the paper discusses. It then goes on to...

The Role of the Resident Engineer
These proceedings include the papers presented at the specialty conference on resident engineers. The papers address different perceptions of the definition, qualifications, duties, responsibilities,...

A Practical Guide to CERCLA Investigations

The Case of the Bungled Bridge Rehab
Foundation failures and rehabilitations concern the owner, the engineer and the contractor. These parties face liability to one another as well as to third parties. There are contractual...

Engineering Liabilities for Design of a Bridge That Failed During the San Fernando Earthquake
On February 9, 1971, the San Fernando Valley in Southern California experienced a major earthquake. Among the victims were two men who were killed when a bridge connector ramp of a newly...

Professional Inspection of Construction Who Needs It!

Construction Inspection: Champions for Higher Quality and Lower Liability

Highway Improvement Programs and Liability

Computers: The Ins and Outs of the Purchasing Contract
When purchasing computers and computer graphic systems there are 13 areas in the purchasing contract that should be investigated. These include the agreement, specification, dates, inspection,...

Liability and Highway Design

Liability in Construction Management
The concept of professional construction management has emerged and developed over the past decade in response to pressures for faster and more economical project completions. This has...

Toxic Torts

The Legal Profile of the Construction Manager

The CM's Liability to the Client—Malpractice

The CM's Liability to Other Parties — Negligence

Professional Liability Coverage for the CM

Time Impact Analysis — Forensic Scheduling

Contract Administration: A Resident Engineer's View
Professional liability related to field work is a major concern of the consulting profession. Field personnel should review the plans and specification in the pre-construction period and...

Engineering and Construction Projects
The Emerging Management Roles
The papers presented at the specialty conference on emerging management roles in engineering and construction projects focus attention on successful management approaches, and methods...





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