Assessment of Flood Magnitude Estimator Uncertainty: Tolerance Limits for the Gamma and Generalized Gamma Distributions

Great Lakes Water Level Extremes and Risk Assessment

Response of Ideally Controlled Canals to Downstream Withdrawals

Controller Design for the WM Canal

Evaluation of a Canal Automation Algorithm CLIS

Specification of the Florida Straits Transport within the NOAA East Coast Ocean Model

A New Formulation for the Stochastic Control of Systems with Bounded State Variables: An Application to Great Lakes Levels Regulation

Lake and Surficial Aquifer Interaction

Sounding Out Scour
As engineers are aware, detection of bridge scour is the best protection. A method for monitoring scour during low, normal or high water flows would also help alleviate some of the ambiguity...

Doubling A Pipeline
The 36 in. natural gas pipeline built 32 years ago by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) its subsidiary Pacific Gas Transmission (PGT) from Canadian fields to central California has...

Modeling Circulation and Salinity Transport in the Indian River Lagoon
This paper presents preliminary results form a hydrodynamic and salinity transport modeling study of a section of the Indian River Lagoon near Melbourne, FL. The study is motivated by...

Joint Probability of Superelevated Water Levels and Wave Heights at Duck, North Carolina
Storm events are typically classified as a percent occurrence or return interval based on their peak storm elevation. The stage is the combination of storm surge, astronomical tide and...

Transbasin Diversions: Trends in State Legislation
Transbasin diversion legislation as enacted throughout the United States is reviewed. Commonalities are examined as are regional differences. Legislative trends are evaluated utilizing...

Spring Deposits and Late Pleistocene Ground-Water Levels in Southern Nevada

Two-Dimensional Modelling of Flow in the River Sava
On the river Sava near Ljubljana, a sports centre with a kayak racing channel was built in 1948. For the world championship in kayak-canoe racing in 1990 totally new racing channel had...

Benefits of Hazard Mitigation Planning to Reduce Shoreline Impacts Due to Great Lakes Water Level Management Fluctuations and Severe Storms
Recent experience with flood hazard mitigation planning that encompassed aspects of pre-disaster preparedness and recovery operations have proven to be an effective tool in geographic...

The Regulation of Lake Ontario During the Spring of 1993; a Period of Record Supplies
A wet summer in 1992 and record water supplies to Lake Ontario during early 1993 resulted in very high levels on the lake. Actions by the International St. Lawrence River Board of Control...

Analysis of the Causes and Triggering Events of Disastrous Torrent Flood
A disastrous torrent flood on the Vlasina River of 26 June 1988 was of unprecedented intensity in Yugoslavia. The catchment area affected by the catastrophe covered more than 1000 km2...

Analyzing Wave and Storm Surge Impacts from Hurricane Andrew on the Dade County Beach Erosion Control and Hurricane Protection Project

Seepage through Dike Walls of the Chicago Confined Disposal Facility





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