Managing Complex Hydrological Situations: Necessary Integration of Environmental and Economical Demands

Three-Dimensional Calculation of River Flow

Management of High Lake Okeechobee Stages - 1994/1995

Application of Geostatistical Analysis in the Design of a Ground Water Level Monitoring Network for Pingtung Plain, Taiwan: I. Network Density

Application of Geostatistical Analysis in the Design of a Ground Water Level Monitoring Network for Pingtung Plain, Taiwan: II. Sampling Frequency

ISSZT--In-Situ Saturated Zone Technologies

Leveling Technologies for Building Construction

Verification of the Bruun Rule for the Estimation of Shoreline Retreat Caused by Sea-Level Rise

The 1995 Floods of Rhine and Meuse - How Predictable are Water Levels in the Netherlands

Artificial Recharge of a Buried Glacial Aquifer in South Dakota
The Huron Project of the High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program was designed to artificially recharge a buried glacial aquifer in eastern South Dakota High flows from the...

Managing Great Lakes Water Levels: An International Partnership
During this century, the levels of two of the Great Lakes have been regulated; Lake Superior since 1921 and Lake Ontario since 1960. The regulation is directed by the International Joint...

Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Water Resources Management
Two major topics related to water resources management in coastal areas due to the impact of sea level rise are drainage problems/flood control and change of estuarine processes. Issues...

Current Status of Paleohydrologic Studies at Yucca Mountain and Vicinity, Nevada

Changes in Water Table Elevation at Yucca Mountain in Response to Seismic Events

Westbay/MOSDAX Instrumentation of UE-25 ONC #1 and USW NRG-4 at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Modeling the Impact of Sea Level Rise in Delaware Bay
A three-dimensional model of the Delaware Bay has been employed to provide insight on the impact of a 1.0 ft (0.304 in) sea level rise on salinity conditions in Delaware Bay. Model results...

Managing the Impacts of Storm Surges on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Victoria Island is one of the barrier islands along the Nigerian Coast. The others are Lagos, Lekki, Ikovi, and Badagry. A general characteristic of these barrier islands in Nigeria is...

Sustainable Watershed Management in Developing Watersheds
In many parts of the country, land development at the fringe of major metropolitan areas has accelerated and is occurring in historically unprecedented land consuming patterns. This development...

Dynamics of River Ice Jam Release

Research on Structural Types of Wharf in River Ports of China





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