Development of Model-Based Regional Nowcasting/Forecasting Systems

Development of an Experimental Nowcast/Forecast System for Chesapeake Bay Water Levels

Comparison of Observed and Forecasted Sea Levels Along the West Florida Coast

Evalutation of Subtidal Water Level in NOAA's Coastal Ocean Forecast System for the U.S. East Coast

Sensitivity of Currents and Water Elevations in Tidal Waters to Storm Surge Parameters

Monitoring Fluctuation in Wetland Groundwater Elevation

H & H Modeling in High Water Table-Low Relief Area

Maximum Simulation Reliability for Three-Dimensional Flow Model Verification Using Multidimensional Response Techniques

Conceptualization of Groundwater Flow Using Three-Dimensional Kriging in Salt River Valley, Arizona

Land Subsidence Due to Groundwater Withdrawal (Iran)

Burrowing Beneath Bangkok
The $2.9 billion Bangkok subway project faces several daunting obstacles—soft soils, a high water table and Thailand's current economic upheaval. The Blue Line subway system...

Inundation Scenarios and Inundation Risk

Colorado's Instream Flow/Natural Lake Level Program

Venice Gates in Waves

Comparison of Constant Level and Constant Volume Control Method for Open Channel Flow

The Caspian Sea Storm Surge Coastal Protection

Flood Risk Analysis in the Upper Adriatic Sea Due to Sea Level Rise and Land Subsidence

The Threat of Flooding and the Problem of Protection of Territories in the Delta of the Ural River in View of the Rising of the Caspian Sea Level

Managing Complex Hydrological Situations: Necessary Integration of Environmental and Economical Demands

Three-Dimensional Calculation of River Flow





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