Geomorphic Effects of Projected Sea Level Rise: A Case Study of Galveston Bay, Texas

Prediction of Water Level in Tidal Inlet
A very important and difficult problem is operation of gates at the inlet of tidal lakes in order to control water quality and quantity. The gate operation must sufficiently satisfy both...

Localized Destratification at Lake Texoma
An axial flow Garton Pump was used to improve release water quality from Lake Texoma during thermal stratification. An 8-ft (2.44m) diam propeller pump, mounted on a floating support platform,...

Jackson Mississippi Computer-Aided Flood Warning

Model Intercomparison of Lake Erie Storm Surge Resonance Predictions

Lifting and Leveling Heavy Concrete Structures

Disposal of Utility Wastes Over a High Water Table

Computer Applications Used in Operational Planning and Real-Time Economic Control of Hydro Power

Subsidence in Harris and Galveston Counties, Texas
Land-surface subsidence is of critical concern for the Harris-Galveston Region of Texas. Subsidence has been predominately associated with the removal of ground water in this area. Water-level...

Predicting Lake Levels by Exponential Smoothing
A statistical univariate forecasting technique called Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) is used to obtain the estimates of future water levels of a large lake. The characteristics...

Salinity Forum: What? How? Why—
Historically, salinity in the Colorado River System has increased significantly due to export of high quality water from the upper reaches and salt pickup from irrigation return flow....

Synthetic Storm Induced Water Level Statistics

Forecasting Lake Levels—A Case Study

Great Lakes Storm Surge Flood Forecasting Methods

Reservoir-Aquifer Interaction

Using High Salinity Waters in the Southwest

Drainage System Design and Implementation in Southwestern British Columbia

Physical Hydraulic Model Study of an Ice-Covered River

Barrier Island Sedimentation Studies Program

Gravel Barrier Genesis and Management: A Contrast





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