Cutoff Bendways and the Legal Dilemma Regarding Property Ownership

Evaluation of a Contaminated Aquifier's Restoration Potential

Economics of Groundwater-Pumping Level Statutes
Pumping from one well may lower the water table in another to the point where pumping from it becomes unfeasible. Problems exist in allocating the increased costs of pumping caused by...

Overtopping of Flood Control Levees and Floodwalls
The risk of overtopping can be significant for flood control levees or floodwalls, and the consequences can be costly and potentially catastrophic. Designs using superiority can force...

Mackenzie River Breakup: Ft. Simpson to Ft. Good Hope, N. W. T.
Breakup progression on the Mackenzie River in 1982 and 1983 is described. Two types of breakup, and two types of ice jam formation associated with these, were identified. The major role...

A New Panama Canal?
The Panama Canal is expected to be obsolete by the end of the century. Already there are serious problems with ship traffic through the Canal: volume of traffic is down, average transit...

Pier Stabilization Eliminates Need to Reconstruct Damaged Bridge
After an ice jam near a six-span bridge restricted normal water passage, the ensueing high velocity water caused underscouring of one of the piers, leaving it ineffective as a bridge support....

Bank Erosion by Waves

A Numerical Water Level Model for Lake Okeechobee

Filter Press Dewatering of High Alum Water Treatment Plant Sludge

Pilot Plant Study of Treatment Options for Producing Potable Water at Thornton, Colorado

Inactive Mining Impact on North Clear Creek

Great Lakes Regulation by Lake Superior Plan 1977

New England Division's General-Permit Methodology

Sea Level Rise and Shoreline Recession

Economic Impacts of Sea Level Rise

Shoreline Changes Due to Various Sea-Level Rise Scenarios

Global Sea Level: Estimating and Explaining Apparent Changes

Projecting Sea Level Rise to the Year 2100

Ice-Sheet Melting and Sea Level





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