Flood Insurance Program in Denmark

Proposed Response to Sea Level Rise by a Local Government

The Potential Effects of Global Climatic Disruption on Coral Reef Ecosystems

Developing Policies to Improve the Effectiveness of Coastal Flood Plain Management

Inland Coastal Erosion Processes, Lake Sakakawea, ND

Eastern United States Extreme High Water Levels

Safety Against Inundation

Prediction of Beach Fill Response to Varying Waves and Water Level

Sea Level Change, Fisheries, and Coastal Planning

Assessment of Global Coastal Hazards from Sea Level Rise

Contemporary Climate Change and Its Related Effects on Global Shorelines

Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Environments: Implications for Strategic Planning

Local Responses to Sea Level Rise: Charleston, South Carolina

Sea Level Rise and Hazardous Wastes in the Coastal Zone: An Ecological Perspective

Historical Shoreline Changes: A Comparison of Mean High Water and Vegetation Line Movement
A cooperative study produced historic mean high water shoreline change maps for the State of South Carolina. These maps have been used to calculate erosion rates for the entire developed...

Temporal and Spatial Variations in Shoreline Migration Rates, Metompkin Island, Virginia
Examination of historic shoreline position changes provides a mechanism for evaluating the influence of spatial and temporal variations in barrier island morphology on the long-term evolution...

Loss of Carrying Capacity in Pipes—Transporting Softened Water with High pH
The increase in pipe roughness and loss in carrying capacity for water mains carrying high pH water is documented with over 20 field tests conducted in Austin, Texas. The data show that...

STUDH: A Two-Dimensional Numerical Model for Sediment Transport
TABS-2 water level and flow computations are performed by the generalized numerical model program RMA-2V; salinity and tracer transport computations are performed with RMA-4, and sediment...

Design, Construction and Testing of Repairs to the Low Level Outlets at Terzaghi Dam
Operation of the low level outlets (LLOs) at Terzaghi Dam in southwestern British Columbia resulted in severe cavitation at operating heads significantly lower than design. Modifications...

Effects of Runoff Changes and Sea Level Rise on Salinity in the Delaware River Estuary
The objective of this study is to investigate changes in the spatial distribution of salt in the Delaware Estuary resulting from climate induced changes in freshwater inflows and in the...





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