Multi-scale Health Assessment for Effective Levee Management
Researchers are working on developing a new health assessment framework with the potential to modernize our ability to monitor, manage, and ensure the safety of levees and other systems...

Smart Levees - Getting the Most out of Flood Barriers

Advancing the Practice of Levee Analysis

What's in Your Levee?

Fast-Track Repairs of Critical Levee Erosion Sites

Geotechnical Evaluation of California Central Valley Urban Levees

So, You Live Behind a Levee!

Levee Failure Mechanisms

The Levees Fail
This chapter examines the failure of levees against storm forces and the flooding that ensued....

Special Report: Observations of a Broken System: New Orleans' Levees

The 1953 Dike Failures in the Netherlands

Modeling the Reliability of New Orleans Levees

California's Levees at Risk

Design Considerations for the North Railroad Alluvial Fan Levee System in Boulder City, Nevada
This paper presents a drainage study for a flood control levee system in Boulder City, Nevada. This levee system is located below an alluvial fan watershed and was proposed to protect...

Failure of a Drainage System within the Core of a Federal Levee: An Evaluation of Repair Alternatives

Hydrology in Managed and Unmanaged Louisiana Coastal Marshes

Erosion Control at the Entrance to Willapa Bay, Washington

Instrumentation of Embankment Dams and Levees
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 26. Whether analyzing data to determine the competency...

Volume of Scour Holes Associated with Spur Dikes

The Effect of Foreland on Wave Climate Changes





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