A Framework for Recreational Access Site Selection

Let Us Accept the Challenge

The Physical Fruits of Recreational Legislation and Policy

Canadian ACV Legislation and Regulation

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Amendments of 1977 (H. R. 1614)

British Reservoir Legislation and the Reservoir Act

Dredging and Its Environmental Effects
Proceedings of the Specialty Conference on Dredging and its Environmental Effects, held in Mobile, Alabama, January 26-28, 1976. Sponsored by the Task Committee on Dredging and its Environmental...

Project Formulation in Today's World — Legislative and Regulatory Aspects

Project Formulation in Today's World — New Dimensions Legislative and Regulatory Aspects

Legislative Impacts on Dredging: General Regulatory Functions

Legislative Impact of P.L. 92-500 on Dredging

Federal Legislation and Activities for Dam Safety

Legal-Institutional Framework for the Continental Shelf

Law of Catastrophic Events on Offshore Nuclear Facilities

Public and Legislative Support for Bikeways

Dam Safety Legislation: A Solution or a Problem

State Safety of Dams Legislation: The Maine Experience

Impact of Civil Engineering Projects on People and Nature
Project Summary Report Initial Methodology and Case Study Development
Studies were made by the American Society of Civil Engineers to develop and initiate, through test cases, a methodology for classifying, quantifying, and analyzing the impacts on people...

Local Legislation and Its Impact on Transportation

Application of PL-566 to a Drainage Problem





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