ATC-23: A Survey of California Hospitals for Earthquake Survivability Potential
In September, 1986 the SSC recommended the completion of a survey of existing acute care hospitals as the first step in a program to bring about the upgrading of all pre-1973 hospitals...

Coastal Regulation on Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

International Developments in Ocean Incineration Policy

Impact of the CZM Act (1972) on New Jersey: Science

The Impact of Ocean and Coastal Management Laws on Private Forestry Management Practices in the Eastern United States

Citizen Action and the Restoration of New Jersey's Beaches and Coastal Waters

Wetlands Mitigation Banking Prospects for the State of Washington

An Examination of Recent United States Federal Legislation Pertaining to Marine Plastic Pollution

Coastal Zone Management in Antigua and Barbuda

Uses of the Sea for Leisure Activities in Italy

Flood Impact and Management of Levees in Tennessee
The construction of private levees is causing flooding and erosion problems along several tributary rivers in West Tennessee. The severity of these problems is recognized by the State...

Groundwater Protection—The Delaware Experience
Groundwater protection in the State of Delaware has been an evolving process requiring the planning, cooperation, and implementation of rules and regulations by several state and local...

Evolution of Water Allocation Law in the Eastern United States
During the first half of this century, the riparian doctrine and common law ground water doctrines were modified by the courts as they adjusted to changing social demands. Evolution has...

Diplomacy and International Environment Issues
This paper examines three current examples of the ongoing diplomatic efforts to deal with selected environmental and water issues that affect our bilateral relationships with Canada and...

Licensing in the 1990's: Can FERC Be a One-Stop Shop?
The Federal Water Power Act of 1920 was enacted in order to create a comprehensive licensing scheme for hydroelectric power development. Central to that scheme was the consolidation of...

Marine Pollution Assessment and Abatement in Southern California

Licensee Tort Liability and Regulatory Overreaching
Certain of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) regulations and licensing requirements effectively preempt the states' authority to determine liability....

Impact of the CZM Act (1972) on New Jersey: Overview

Federal-State Revenue Sharing for Ocean Minerals Development: The Example of Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Section 8(G)

Status of the Coastal Program—A Federal Perspective





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