Dangerous Goods Emergency Response—The Western Australian Experience
A general overview of the State of Western Australia including: the legal framework of the Dangerous Goods and Emergency response management scenarios; particular problems unique to the...

Beachfront Management After Nollan—Facing the Challenge of Unconstitutional Taking Claims
In 1977, South Carolina enacted the Coastal Tidelands and Wetlands Act. Ramifications of the Act are discussed....

Professional Liability of the Civil Engineer

Engineers and New Technology: Legal Considerations

A Course in Engineering Professionalism and Ethics

Ethics in Engineering

Operational Considerations in Specifying Legal Weight Vehicles for the Highway Transport of Spent Nuclear Fuel
This paper presents the results of a research project in which tractor manufacturers and carrier companies were interviewed to gather information on operational concerns in specifying...

Dispute Resolution — A New Approach for Public Acceptance of the High-Level Radioactive Waste Mamagement Regulatory System
This paper examines the feasibility of utilizing Dispute Resolution to significantly reduce the numbers of technical disputes subject to litigation in civil courts or before the NRC to...

Legal Issues Presented by the Regionalization of a Water System
The joint development of a water supply and related infrastructure ('regionalization') by independent municipal and private entities presents legal and institutional...

Water Reallocation of the Carson River
The federal courts have not been able to allocate the waters of the Carson or Truckee Rivers in such a manner as to satisfy all the users. As a result, there have been a number of suits...

Droughts and Water Supply
The current drought in California and the western U.S. are set in the framework of drought persistence, drought forecasting and reducing the consequences of droughts. During the fifteen...

The Quest for Quality Where the Legal System Fits in

Where the Legal System Fits in

Changing Land Uses in the Platte and Arkansas Basins
Several water disputes among various parties in the Platte and Arkansas River Basins may have significant impacts on future land use practices. This paper describes five cases being litigated...

Tradeoffs Between Firm Supply and Average Supply

Water Conservation Thrives on Thorough Planning

The Chatham Wall: A Regulatory Nightmare

Forty Winters Waiting: The Fight for Oregon Inlet

The Italian Seas: Legal Frameworks and Management Patterns

Institutional, Environmental and Legal Issues
An evaluation of the subsurface agricultural drainage problems occurring on prime agricultural land on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley of California offers an insight into the...





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