Bill Shannon and Stan Wilson: Geotechnical Pioneers with a 60-Year Legacy
Starting a business today can pose an array of challenges–planning, financial, legal, and licensing among them. But at its core, a company's founders must be dedicated to...

So, Why Do You Want to Write a GBR?
Since 1974, scores of papers, articles, conferences, and legal documents have been dedicated to explaining how to write and/or how to use a Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR). But the...

Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction
The Journal accepts papers and articles spanning legal issues and litigation pertaining to all areas of engineering and construction, including contract law and interpretation; professional liability and...

Civil Engineering Magazine Archive
The Civil Engineering Magazine Archive provides a record of civil engineering achievements and professional issues published in Civil Engineering Magazine, the official publication of the American Society...

Mold and the Legal System

CMOM and Legal Implications

Transparency and Integrity in Water Management
The purpose of this Paper will be to explore, define and discuss the matter of transparency, integrity and effectiveness in water and associated land management. In view of the complex...

Fare Integration Ambitions for Public Transport in the Budapest Region
An overview is given on the fare integration ambitions in the Budapest region including 170 settlements and approximately 3.3 million inhabitants and serving more than 85% of the commuters...

On the Question of Accepting Work Outside One's Field of Expertise: An Ethical Fail Safe
The winner of the Daniel W. Mead Prize for ethical writing by a student discusses the history of the development of ASCE's code of ethics. Although it may be legal for civil...

Purpose of the Conference

Sand Rights: A Legal System to Protect Shores of the Sea

Professional Standards for the Geotechnical Engineer

Identity Crisis
For years, engineers have established the authenticity of original documents with stamps and signatures. Although stamps and signatures work well for hard copies of documents, they inadequate...

Defusing the Millennium Bomb
On January 1, 2000, some date-sensitive computer systems may interpret the year as 1900, wiping out or altering data or crashing altogether. Richard L. Bland was put in charge of assessing...

Private and Public Rights in the Beach and Shore in California

The Coastal Boundary Line in California: From Certainty to Chaos

Managing Your Legal Team Through Dispute Resolution

Construction Industry Transformations in Poland: Opportunities for International Business

Design-Build: Legal Obstacles and Solutions

Legal Implications of Quality Assurance





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