Leaching Analysis of Coal Mine Spoil Material
Arch Mineral Corporation has conducted a column leaching study to analyze the leaching characteristics of surface coal mine spoil material in order to predict post-mining groundwater quality....

Glacial Clay Liners in Waste Disposal Practice

Prediction Models for Sanitary Landfills

Passive Treatment of Sulfide Stockpile Runoff

Potential for Groundwater Attenuation of Mutagenic Compounds from Raw and Spent Oil Shales

Evaluation of the Effects of Landfill Leachate on Brook Trout by Bioassay

Does Landfill Leachate Make Clay Liners More Permeable?
Most environmental regulations require that clay liners exhibit permeabilities less than 1 x 10/u-7 cm/sec. While permeability is typically determined...

Remote Sensing of Failed Septic Tank Leachate Fields

Can Clay Liners Prevent Migration of Toxic Leachate
According to recent research, low permeability clay barriers, used by landfill operators to contain hazardous wastes, can be rendered highly permeable by certain aggressive chemicals including...

Temperature Effects on Two-Stage Biotreatment of Leachate

Biological Chemical Treatment of Leachate

Fate of Heavy Metals in Bio-Treatment of Leachate

County Treats Shredfill Leachate
The project in Cowlitz County, Washington, is the first sanitary shredfill (landfill) to have full environmental control. Shredding refuse has long been deemed superior to ordinary landfilling...

Utilization of a Mixing Zone for Leachate Management

Gas Leachate from Baled and Shredded Solid Waste





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