Overview of ASCE Technical Guidance Document: Management of Leachate from Sanitary Landfills

Emerging Leachate Treatment Technologies

Differentiating Leachate Effects from Landfill Gas Effects at Landfills

Leachate Collection Pipe Cleaning Demonstration Project: A Full-Scale Example

Stretching a Landfill
Landfill expansions can pose engineering challenges, and the Tullytown, Pa., landfill gives an example of a horizontal expansion that added 121 acres of future disposal space. The side-by-side...

Leachate Collection Systems: Issues, Research and Solutions

Leachate Chemistry: Its Implications for Clogging
The clogging of leachate collection systems is controlled by interrelated mi and chemical phenomena. Mesocosms containing landfill materials and simulating leachate collection were infiltrated...

Significance of Geologic Features on the Contaminant Migration from Landfill Sites
Contaminants (leachate) migration pathways in various media at hazardous waste and landfill sites are primarily defined by the local geologic features at such sites, namely:stratigraphy,...

Retention of Multiple Heavy Metal Ions by Fly Ash
Clayey soils are widely used as liner materials in landfills. They, not only retard the transport of leachates due to their low permeability, but also retain the heavy metal ions due to...

A Screening Level Model for Estimation of Vadose Zone Leaching and Saturated Zone Mixing: VLEACHSM
A screening level computer model has been developed for the evaluation of pollutant migration through the vadose zone and subsequent mixing within the saturated zone. The model, called...

Biodegradation of Dichloromethane in Leachate
The biodegradation of dichioromethane (DCM) in landfill leachate is examined by means of a series of laboratory tests conducted in a controlled environment. These tests demonstrate that...

Hazardous Waste Landfill Performance as Measured by Primary Leachate Quantity

An Integrated System for Leachate Reintroduction and Gas Venting

Large-Scale Model Test of Leachate Pipes in Landfills Under Heavy Load

Biological Treatment of Hazardous Waste Landfill Leachate: A Comparative Study of Fixed Film Reactors

In Situ Leachate Collection Using Horizontal Wells

The Impact of Full-Scale Leachate Recirculation on Leachate and Gas Characteristics

Landfill Leachate: Quantification, Characterization, and Treatment Options

Why Wet Landfills with Leachate Recirculation are Effective

Why Dry Landfills without Leachate Recirculation are Effective





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