Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project - A Model in the Wilderness

Mandatory Conditioning Requirements: Strategies Following Bangor Hydro-Electric v. FERC, Rainsong v. FERC and Bennett v. Spear

Hydropower's Role in a Competitive Electricity Supply Market

The Management of Dredged Material in New Jersey

Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Management
The Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Management publishes articles relating to the allied engineering and scientific disciplines involved in the environmental aspects of the...

The Regulation of the Private Provision of Water-Related Services in Latin America

The Impacts of Trade Agreements on State and Provincial Laws

The Intergovernmental Meeting of Hemispheric Environmental Technical Experts 11/1995: Projects and Priority Issues

A User's Guide to Federal Architect
Engineer Contracts
The User's Guide to Architect-Engineer Contracts explores the process of selecting architect-engineer firms to perform design...

Reflections on the Regulatory Reform Debate

Critical Issues in the Monitoring and Control of Toxic Air Contaminants at POTWs
Todays challenge at Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) is to assess and reduce the environmental risk posed by toxic air contaminants (TACs). This paper attempts to identify the critical...

Pilot Testing of a Zero-Discharge Treatment Process
As environmental regulations become more stringent, pulp and paper mills are investigating alternatives to conventional biological treatment and discharge of effluents into receiving waters....

Simulation of Interaction between Canal Regulation and Groundwater
l-D canal routing module has been developed to perform the operation of controlled structures for regulating flow in the canal network system and incorporated in the Three-Dimensional...

Venice, Italy: An Integrated Approach to Solve the Environmental Problems of Its Unique Collection System
The prolonged lack of maintenance of the canals of the city of Venice, Italy, has caused a build-up of sediments resulting in a frequent occurrence of the low waters which has ultimately...

Management of Contaminated Groundwater Using Natural Attenuation
Many state and federal regulations governing remediation of contaminated groundwater give preference to the implementation of remedial alternatives which are capable of providing protection...

Screening, Combining and Tracking Features, Events and Processes in WIPP Performance Assessments

Biosphere Modelling for Radioactive Waste Disposal

Use of Expert Judgment in the HLW Regulatory Program: U.S. NRC Staff Draft Guidance

Comments Regarding the NAS Report on Yucca Mountain Standards

The National Academy of Sciences Report and Environmental Radiation Standards for Yucca Mountain





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