An Inside Look at the 40 CFR 191 Containment Requirements

Development of Radioactive Waste Management Licensing Review Assistant

Validation, Acceptance and Licensing: How Much Scientific Facts Can the Process Digest?

Licensing Code-of-Practice

USGS Urban Stormwater Investigations in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex

Overview of Design and Construction in the Urban Environment

Excavations and Contamination

Contracting and Legal Issues

Regional Planning for Stormwater Management

Land Development Regulations: Roadblock to Affordable Housing
Land development regulations in the State of New Jersey have been utilized to control development since the mid-1970's. The demand for affordable housing in the state is reaching a critical...

Water Reduction as Justification for Permit Backsliding

Designing for Corrosion Control
This presentation will discuss designing from several aspects: a. Designing of the item to lessen the affects of corrosion. b. Selection of non-corrosive materials in the designing process...

Reviewing the History and Activity of FERC
Since passage of the Federal Water Power Act in 1920 (Part I of the Federal Power Act, 16 U.S.C. 791a et seq.), Congress has required those seeking to construct, operate, or maintain hydroelectric...

Environmental Aspects and Compliance Costs of Hydropower Regulation
Recent experiences by American Electric Power with respect to mitigation at hydroelectric project sites on the upper Ohio River indicate that compliance with environmental regulations...

Overview of Acid Mine Drainage Control Strategies
Since 1970, regulations requiring proper overburden sampling techniques to obtain representative geologic profiles and outline specific overburden analysis to determine acid-producing,...

Case History of a Bridge Main Rehabilitation Project

Prevention and Correction of Casing Contact Shorts

Practice and Performance Record for Pipelines at Railroad and Highway Crossings

Bayou Crossing with Dual 18-Inch Diameter High-Density Polyethylene Pipes

Major and Trace Elements Regulation in Natural Granitic Waters. Application to Deep Radioactive Waste Disposals
In order to forecast the evolution of deep groundwaters in the environment of a radioactive waste disposal, one must be able to understand the behaviour of major and trace elements in...





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