A Case History of the Cabinet Gorge Dam Analysis

Local Agency Regulation: The Policies and Process of Surface Water Protection
King County, Washington, adopted a Surface Water Design Manual in January 1990. This manual, which has served as a resource guide in developing similar manuals throughout the Pacific Northwest...

North Central Texas Municipalities Address the NPDES Stormwater Regulations Through Regional Coordination

FAA Storm Water Program

Computer-aided Studies for the Optimum Regulation of a Channel Network

Developing an Industrial Toxics Management Program

Guidance for Decontamination of Debris

Pilot Study to Meet Drinking Water Regulations

State Permit Program and Toxics Individual Control Strategies: A Case Study

Pollution Control Under the NPDES Stormwater Program

Institutional Constraints to the Use of Coal Fly Ash in Civil Engineering Construction

The Application of Technology to Solving Practical Problems
In this paper, the roles of the scientist, technologist, engineer, and manager are discussed to place them in perspective. A distinction is made between the coastal engineer' and practicing...

Ethical, Legal and Professional Responsibilities of Engineers to Owners and Contractors
Engineers are under legal, professional, ethical and moral duties to protect owners, contractors and third parties, including the general public against injuries and deaths and economic...

Uncertainty in Regulatory Decision-Making

Impacts of Transportation Regulations on Spent Fuel and High Level Waste Cask Design

Experience with Spent Fuel Storage Licensing

Licensing Issues: Clarification and Convergence

Regulatory Considerations in Design of the Exploratory Studies Facility

A Regulatory Perspective on Design and Performance Requirements for Engineered Systems in High-Level Waste

Use of Annotated Outlines to Prepare Guidance for License Applications for the MRS and MGDS





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