Hydropower Application of Confined Space Regulations

Proposed WIPP Compliance Criteria (40 CFR Part 194)

American Public Works Point of View

Use of Modeling in Repository Licensing

Application of Systems Engineering Techniques in NRC's High-Level Waste Regulatory Program

Stormwater Permitting an Industrial Experience

Developing a Wasteload Allocations Protocol for Streams in Taiwan

Tentative Provisions for the Development of Seismic Regulations for Buildings

Storage Tanks: Going Above Ground
Until just a few years ago, the traditional replacement for a leaking underground storage tank was a new UST. But in September 1988, EPA finalized new regulations for UST systems containing...

Development and Application of Long Range Study (LRS) Model for Missouri River System
The Long Range Study (LRS) Model is a simulation model developed in the 1960's develop and test criteria for operation of the Missouri River mainstem reservoirs through an extended period...

Uniform State Registration and Permitting For High-Level Radioactive Waste Transportation

Limitations on Scientific Prediction and How They Could Affect Repository Licensing

Integration of Regulations and Science for HLW Disposal

Standards and Regulations for Geologic Disposal of High Level Waste: An Issues Framework

Treatment of Uncertainty in the NRC Regulatory Process

Avoiding Dual Regulation of the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff Approaches to Improving the Integration of Regulatory Guidance Documents and Prelicensing Reviews

Intentions and Credences – An Australian Approach to Computerised Building Regulation
In the past, computer representation of building regulations has addressed a series of prescriptive requirements. Compliance with each requirement was essential and the only relationship...

Computer Implementation of Fuzzy Reasoning in Tendering
There are a lot of risk factors need to be considered in tendering in the construction industry. Examples are a) The market conditions: the degree of competition, the prevailing and the...

Computer Use in Claims Analysis -- Roundtable Discussion
Preparation or defense of construction claims is inherently time consuming and often counter-productive. This outline discusses some tools currently used in the construction industry to...





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