Development of Missouri River Navigation Analysis
The navigation analysis for the Master Manual review examined mainstem reservoir regulation alternatives by evaluating the benefits of reservoir releases for barge transportation. Navigation...

Design Aspects of Modeling Reclaimed Water Use
The authors compare design aspects of modeling reclaimed water use with monthly and daily water balance protocols and review state regulations pertaining to use of reclaimed water. The...

Water Resources Development in the 1990's: A New Process
The development of water resources to meet future water needs has become more complex nowadays as regulatory agencies attempt to balance the proposed consumptive uses of water with a wide...

Uniform State Registration and Permitting For High-Level Radioactive Waste Transportation

Limitations on Scientific Prediction and How They Could Affect Repository Licensing

Integration of Regulations and Science for HLW Disposal

A Parameter Network and Model Pyramid for Managing Technical Information Flow

Review of Technologies and Alternatives for Dispositioning DOE/INEL Spent Nuclear Fuels

Repository Criticality Safety for the DOE Spent Nuclear Fuel Program

Standards and Regulations for Geologic Disposal of High Level Waste: An Issues Framework

Avoiding Dual Regulation of the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff Approaches to Improving the Integration of Regulatory Guidance Documents and Prelicensing Reviews

Intentions and Credences – An Australian Approach to Computerised Building Regulation
In the past, computer representation of building regulations has addressed a series of prescriptive requirements. Compliance with each requirement was essential and the only relationship...

Laws and Regulations Regarding Wetland Mitigation and Mitigation Banking

Wetland Mitigation Banks -- A Win-Win Situation

A Wetland Mitigation Bank - An Economic Model

The Effects of NOM and Coagulation on Copper Corrosion
Copper corrosion was examined in solutions containing natural organic matter (NOM) and in situations where NOM was removed by enhanced coagulation with alum or ferric chloride. Electrochemical...

Removal of Bromate After Ozonation by Electron Beam Irradiation
Drinking water regulations related to disinfection, disinfectant by-product (DBP) control, DBP precursor removal and contaminated source water pre-treatment will become increasingly stringent...

The ICR; $130 Million of Water Quality Monitoring

Conformity and the New Transportation Covenant





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