The Canal de Provence Dynamic Regulation System: A Safe and Suitable Process for Operating Water Conveyance Structures

Protecting Water Supplies Using Waste Management

Lake Regulation During Record-Breaking Conditions

Why FERC Cares About Sedimentation Problems

Innovation - What More Can We Do?

The State's Role in Bicycle Transportation Planning and Engineering

Reservoir and Canal System Regulation for Operation of the Raymond Reservoir Hydro Project

Peak Load Regulation in Power Station and Navigation

Environmental Geotechnology - Examples of Where We Are And How We Got Here

Substitution Between Natural Spawning and Hatchery Stocking in the Restoration of Atlantic Salmon

Session IX: Closing Session - Discussion

Simplified Models to Address Conformity Requirements Related to Network Link Speeds

A New Formulation for the Stochastic Control of Systems with Bounded State Variables: An Application to Great Lakes Levels Regulation

Tentative Provisions for the Development of Seismic Regulations for Buildings

Historical, Current and Upcoming Regulation Schedules for Lake Okeechobee
This paper reviews historical information of regulation practices for Lake Okeechobee since the beginning of the century. It also describes and analyzes the multipurpose objectives associated...

Water Transfer Law in Kansas
As Kansas enters an era when the water resources are almost fully appropriated, entities needing water may have to purchase or condemn water rights and might have to go long distances...

Changes of Water Rights - The Colorado Experience
This paper describes engineering efforts which are involved with the judicial changes of water rights in the State of Colorado....

Storm Water Pollution Control for Industry: Developing Effective Guidelines Through Public Involvement
A regionwide storm water pollution control program in the Santa Clara Valley, California, includes an active industrial source control component that is designed and implemented as a public...

The Law of the Colorado River: Can It Cope With Severe Sustained Drought?
This paper analyzes the Law of the River from the perspective of its effect on allocation decisions in the event of a long term, severe drought. The analysis is organized in a manner familiar...

Development and Application of Long Range Study (LRS) Model for Missouri River System
The Long Range Study (LRS) Model is a simulation model developed in the 1960's develop and test criteria for operation of the Missouri River mainstem reservoirs through an extended period...





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