Co-evolution of Harbor Maintenance Dredging, Environmental Regulations, and Open-water Disposal Site Management: A Twenty-Year Perspective

Out of Control?
Once heroes in a popular battle against villainous despoilers of Mother Earth, to a growing chorus of observers environmental groups, EPA and other regulatory agencies have begun to look...

Flexible Membrane Liners
Unless there is a long-range plan for the postclosure use of a landfill--such as turning it into a golf course or a park--final grades are usually designed to be as high and as steep as...

Alternative Methodologies for Numerical Regulatory Effluent Limitations for Storm Water Discharges to Ocean Waters

Revisiting the 1994 National Enviornmental Pendulum Conference

Guidelines for Interstate Water Compacts

Water Resources Development in a Coastal Environment

Decision Analysis Tools for Water Resource Management

The Central Valley Improvement Act

Hydroelectric Project Relicensing: Federal Regulation of Water Use

A Broker for Delivering and Accessing Environmental Regulations

The State of Art of Shotcrete in Italy

Regulatory Issues Associated with the Multi-Purpose Canister System

Preclosure Radiological Safety Assessment for the Ground Support System in the Exploratory Studies Facility

Preliminary Evaluation of Predicted Peak Release Rates from the Engineered Barrier System for a Potential Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Bowser, Rita C.

Whole-Element Disposal of Plutonium-Consumption Modular Helium Reactor Spent Fuel

EUREAU Survey on Artificial Recharge

Pipeline Integrity Assessment and Rehabilitation

Chemical Characterization of Ash Residue from Municipal Waste Incinerator





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