The Influence of Peak-Regulation of the Three Gorges Power Plant on Navigation
The paper studies the unsteady flow resulted from peak-regulation by daily regulation at both Three Gorges and Gezhouba Power Plants and concludes that the river section between the dam...

Commercial Wetland Mitigation Banking
Wetland mitigation banking, although practiced for more than fifteen years, is a concept just beginning to be widely embraced and implemented as an important wetlands regulatory and management...

Pipeline Crossings and the Corps Regulatory Process in New England

Indoor Environmental Quality Needs Warrant Multi-Faceted Actions

Future Changes/Improvements in Construction Safety

Regulatory Assessment of Evapotranspiration at Yucca Mountain

Keys to Opening the Nation's First Deep Geological Repository in 1998

Reflections on the Regulatory Reform Debate

Economic Impact of Managing Sea Water Intrusion
Sea water intrusion into a coastal aquifer may result from continued over extraction of the aquifer. In many coastal communities, sea water intrusion has led to artificial recharge programs...

Water Based Land Use Regulations Using GIS Water Budgeting Model
Protection of water quality and supplies in developing watersheds requires maintenance of the natural water budget. Water budgeting model using GIS provides foundation for land use regulatory...

Overview Summary of the Conference

American Public Works Point of View

Stormwater Permitting an Industrial Experience

How Congress Should Act on Stormwater

Co-evolution of Harbor Maintenance Dredging, Environmental Regulations, and Open-water Disposal Site Management: A Twenty-Year Perspective

Seismic Design Value Mapping a Status Report

Stormwater NPDES Related Monitoring Needs
This proceedings, Stormwater NPDES Related Monitoring Needs, consists of papers presented at the Engineering Foundation Conference held in...

Principles of Sound Environmental Management

Alternative Methodologies for Numerical Regulatory Effluent Limitations for Storm Water Discharges to Ocean Waters

Summary of NPDES Monitoring Needs





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