Environmental Justice: The Department of Energy's Response to Executive Order 12898

Issues in Risk Perception and Communication of Importance to a Regulator: Results of an International Seminar Sponsored by HMIP

Classroom Simulation of Public Involvement in H.L.W. Issues Featuring STS Concepts

Economic Efficiency of Regulations for Allocation and Control of Surface Water Withdrawals in Humid Regions
This paper proposes several alternative regulatory instruments for the allocation of flowing water and evaluates these instruments with respect to economic efficiency for a hypothetical...

Upper Mississippi River System Environmental Management Program (EMP)
Introduction The Upper Mississippi River Navigation System (UMRNS) is one of the largest Public Works projects existing within the continental United States of America. The system, which...

Water Allocation on US/Mexico Boundaries
This paper provides a transboundary water sharing case study on the planning and management of Rio Grande waters in and around El Paso, Texas. The presentation also points out the diversity...

The Direction of the Point Source Program
The NPDES permit programs operate under the concept of providing for a cleaner environment by restricting the release of pollutants. Over 500,000 sources are now subject to regulation...

The Influence of Peak-Regulation of the Three Gorges Power Plant on Navigation
The paper studies the unsteady flow resulted from peak-regulation by daily regulation at both Three Gorges and Gezhouba Power Plants and concludes that the river section between the dam...

Water Based Land Use Regulations Using GIS Water Budgeting Model
Protection of water quality and supplies in developing watersheds requires maintenance of the natural water budget. Water budgeting model using GIS provides foundation for land use regulatory...

Commercial Wetland Mitigation Banking
Wetland mitigation banking, although practiced for more than fifteen years, is a concept just beginning to be widely embraced and implemented as an important wetlands regulatory and management...

Economic Impact of Managing Sea Water Intrusion
Sea water intrusion into a coastal aquifer may result from continued over extraction of the aquifer. In many coastal communities, sea water intrusion has led to artificial recharge programs...

Pipeline Crossings and the Corps Regulatory Process in New England

Indoor Environmental Quality Needs Warrant Multi-Faceted Actions

Future Changes/Improvements in Construction Safety

Overview Summary of the Conference

American Public Works Point of View

Stormwater Permitting an Industrial Experience

How Congress Should Act on Stormwater

Session IX: Closing Session - Discussion

Environmental Geotechnology - Examples of Where We Are And How We Got Here





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