Background for Research on Glulam Lattice Domes

Latticed Dome Collapse Prediction Due to Settlement

Application of a Continuum Model in Building Analysis

A Space Frame Pyramid Integration of Computer Aided Methods in Analysis, Design, Drafting and Fabrication

Spatial Grids in Critical Review—Glass Lattice Shells

Lattice Tower Design Using Cold-Formed Shapes
The use of cold-formed shapes in lieu of hot-rolled angles may lead to major changes in the design of lattice transmission towers. The design procedure of the new shapes is more creative,...

General Continuum Models for Discrete Structures
New knowledge is presented about the structural behavior of a variety of large repetitive lattice configurations of the type appropriate for utilization in cosmic space. Focus is placed...

Limit State Analysis of Lattice Steel Transmission Towers
The background and present status for limit state analysis of lattice steel towers at the Bonneville Power Administration is presented. Conceptual development, a computer program, and...

Full-Scale Wind and Structural Response Data

Post-Buckling Equilibrium of Hyperstatic Lattices

Optimization of Lattices using Nonlinear Programming





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