Linking Hydrodynamic, Water Quality, and Ecological Models to Simulate Aquatic Ecosystem Response to Stress: Case Study of Juvenile Salmon Migration in the Sacramento River and San Francisco Bay/Delta System

Effects of Bottom Steepness on Long-Period Waves

Effect of Sediment Sorting on Geomorphologic Characteristics of Alternate Bars

An Extended Depth-Averaged Turbulence Model for Flow Constricted by Cofferdams

Design of Throttled Surge Tanks for High-Head Plants. Pressure Wave Transmission and Reflection at a T-Junction with an Orifice in the Lateral Pipe

Hot-Film Shear Stress Measurements in Laminar and Turbulent Flows

Wall Shear Stress Measurements in Unsteady Turbulent Flow

Yield Stress of Granular Material

Yield Stress of Debris Flow Slurry

Constitutive Equations of Debris Flow and Their Applicability

On the Importance of Mud and Debris Flow Rheology in Structural Design

Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Rigid Pavement Structures

Design of Hydraulic Steel Structures
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 22 This manual prescribes guidance for designing hydraulic...

Compaction, Remediation and Testing
This proceedings, Grouting: Compaction, Remediation and Testing contains case studies, field and laboratory studies related to grouting materials...

Structural Design of Closure Structures for Local Flood Protection Projects
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 21 This guide provides a framework for the structural...

Stabilizing the Stacks
Spenser White and Prentis designed a hybrid soil nailing system to ensure that a historic library on the Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, campus would not be damaged during adjacent construction...

Optimal Design of 2-D Frames Using a Genetic Algorithm

This section presents theoretical and practical concepts for the analysis of guyed transmission structures. The concepts are further illustrated in the examples of Section 8. The term...

A Quasi-3D Model of Longshore Currents

Wave Stress and Longshore Current on Barred Profiles





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