Analysis of Stability of River Network Geomorphologic Parameters Using DEM Data of Japanese Catchments

Assessment of an Updated Rational Regime Theory

On Stable Alluvial Channels: A Variational Approach

Widths, Slopes and Bank Stability of Channels in Regime

The Geomorphic Influence of Bank Revetment on Channel Migration: Upper Sacramento River, Miles 218-206

Headcut Advance in Stratified Soils

Ice Effects on Riprap: Small-Scale Tests

Design of Throttled Surge Tanks for High-Head Plants. Pressure Wave Transmission and Reflection at a T-Junction with an Orifice in the Lateral Pipe

Debris-Flow Initiation Experiments Using Diverse Hydrologic Triggers

Two Debris Flows with Anomalously High Magnitude

Erosion and Sedimentation in Mount Pinatubo Rivers, Philippines

Critical Conditions for Debris Flows

Identification of Coastal British Columbia Terrain Susceptible to Debris Flows

The Evolution of Geosynthetics
Although the geosynthetics industry only began in the 1960s, it roots can be traced to the earliest humans. Soil stabilization, soil reinforcement, liquid drainage and leak proof barrier...

Casa Grande: Survey and Analysis of Structural Stability of a Hohokam Monument

Clear Sailing
Three recent projects--the Conoid Atrium Wall at the Federal Courthouse in Boston, an addition to the U.S. Bureau of Census building in Baltimore, and a new University of Connecticut academic...

Ground Improvement, Ground Reinforcement and Ground Treatment
Developments 1987-1997
This proceedings, Ground Improvement, Ground Reinforcement and Ground Treatment: Developments 1987-1997, contains the committee report of the...

Stabilization of Cadmium-Impacted Soils Using Jet-Grouting Techniques

Post-Construction Investigation of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Final Covers for Solid Waste Landfills and Abandoned Dumps
This book presents the essential elements for the design of final covers for solid waste landfills and abandoned dumps. Chapter 1 gives an overview and presents selected aspects of regulations...





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