Vegetation Selection for Rolled Erosion Control Product

Jet-Grouted Cantilever Wall for Slope Stability

Design Conditions and Analysis Methods for Soil-Cement Buttresses in Fort Point Channel

Deep Mixing Method: A Global Perspective

Dry Jet Mixing for Stabilization of Very Soft Soils and Organic Soils

Swing Method for Deep Mixing

Pre-Construction Aspects of Deep Soil-Cement Mising for CA/T Project

The Freezing of Soil Masses as an Aid to Engineering Construction

A Case Study of Timber Pile In-Situ Soil Reinforcement

Recent Developments in Soil-Nailing: Design and Practice

Design and Construction of the Runway 13-31 Overrun Area at LaGuardia Airport

Functional Considerations for Restoration: A User's Guide for Streambank Stabilization
A brief outline of functional considerations for streambank stabilization....

Geotechnical Aspects of the Seoul Subway

Design and Construction of Excavation for Shanghai Metro

Water Resources Engineering '98
This proceedings, Water Resources Engineering 98, contains summaries of papers presented at the 1998 International Water Resources Engineering...

Filtration and Drainage in Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering
This proceedings, Filtration and Drainage in Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering, is a collection of papers presented at the sessions...

Geosynthetics in Foundation Reinforcement and Erosion Control Systems
The variety and number of applications of geosynthetics in goetechnical engineering continues to grow rapidly. This proceedings focuses on two specific applications: soil reinforcement...

Soil Improvement for Big Digs
This proceedings, Soil Improvement for Big Digs, contains papers presented at sessions sponsored by the Geo-Institute of ASCE in conjunction...

Stability of Natural Slopes in the Coastal Plain
This proceedings, Stability of Natural Slopes in the Coastal Plain, is a compilation of six papers presented at the ASCE Annual Convention...

Shake, Rattle and Hold (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue Only)
In-situ lateral load tests of two bridge bents were conducted on Interstate 15 in Salt Lake City, Utah, to determine the strength and ductility of an existing concrete bridge and the improvements...





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