Wind Loads and Anchor Bolt Design for Petrochemical Facilities
Current codes and standards do not address many of the structures found in the petrochemical industry. Therefore, many engineers and companies involved in the industry have independently...

The Effect of Particle Damage on Wave Propagation in Granular Materials

Hydraulic Modeling of Unsteady Debris-Flow Surges with Solid-Fluid Interactions

High-Strength Concrete in Regions of High Seismicity

Seismic Performance of High Strength Concrete Structural Components

Modeling the Behavior of HSC Beam to Column Connections Under Cyclic Loads

Comparison of ASD vs. LRFD for an Aluminum Clear Span Roof Structure

A Windstorm Damage Model for the Identification of Insurance and Reinsurance Risk

Dynamic Behavior of Guyed Towers Under Wind Loads

LRFD Implementation: Lessons From the British Experience

Repair/Retrofit Schemes for Low Rise Steel Moment Frames

Fracture and Ductility of Welded Moment Connections Under Dynamic Loading

Structural Evaluation of Existing Buildings for Seismic and Wind Loads

Three-Dimensional Finite Element Study of Wheel Load Interaction

Ice Retention with Artificial Islands on the St. Marys River

Insitu Stress in Masonry Arch Bridges

Impact of New Wind Speed Map for ASCE 7-95

Cyclic Performance of Wood Truss Joints

Dynamic Material Behavior

Assessment, Maintenance, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Masonry Arch Bridges in the USA





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