Evaluation of Dynamic Analysis Results using Full-Scale Lattice Tower Tests

A Monitoring System for High-Clearance Scaffold Systems during Construction

Evaluation of a 47-Story Building Subjected to Hurricane Alicia

A Damage Simulation Model for Buildings and Contents in a Hurricane Environment

Numerical Modeling of Wind-Structure Interactions

Computational Model for Wind-Induced Pressure Underneath Paver Roofing Systems

Comparison of Flow Around Circular Cylinder Using FE and FD Procedures

Performance of Precast Parking Garages in the Northridge Earthquake: Lessons Learned

Design of Vibration Control System for High-Rise Residential Buildings in Consideration of Wind-Induced Response

An Emerging Technology: Damping Design for Wind and Seismic Events

Structural Control: Basic Concepts and Applications

Application of Structural Optimization to Practical Tall Steel Building Design

Parallel Performance of a Meshless Method for Wind Engineering Simulations

An Approximate Method for Assessment of Seismic Damage on Buildings

VSL's Experience with Post-Tensioned Masonry

Testing of Prestressed Clay-Brick Walls

Seismic Resistance of Partially-Grouted Masonry Shear Walls

Experiments for Ultimate Strength of Reinforced Concrete Cylindrical Panels under Lateral Loading and Comparison with FEM Analysis

Lateral Load Behavior of High Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete Columns

Simulating the Transport of an Algae Bloom off the West Coast of Vancouver Island





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