GEER Response to the Oso Landslide: Documenting Perishable Details Helps Turn Disaster into Knowledge
Two months after the disastrous March 22, 2014 landslide near Oso, Washington, GEER representatives visited the affected area to gather data. This article is based on the report generated...

Landslide Risk Perception: Consequences of Failure to Reconcile Contradictory Beliefs
While the basis for geotechnical safety is important, public perceptions of risk and its apparent willingness to ignore or discount hazard warnings should also be considered. Why does...

New Home for the Maid: Rockfalls, Talus, and the Race for a Dry Dock
The Maid of the Mist Corporation (MOTMC) has operated the iconic Maid of the Mist boats beneath Niagara Falls since the early 1900s. Traditionally, the company has provided trips from...

Double Nickel Landslide Stabilization: Innovative Use of Micropiles

Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts: A Response to Landslide Control

Rainfall Infiltration-Induced Landslides

Water Waves Generated by Landslides in Reservoirs

Landslides Triggered by 2011 Tohoku Pacific Earthquake: Preliminary Observations

Effect of Climate Change on Landslide Behavior

The Vajont (Vaiont) Landslide

Large Landslide Risks in Solid Waste Facilities...Geotechnical Fundamentals Count

Rapid Reconnaissance of Major Landslides

Lasers Scan Landslides From the Air

A 2D Approach to the Evaluation of the 3D Effects of Landslide Stabilization Using Piles

Submarine Land Slide and Its Impacts on the Neighboring Coast

Evaluation of Landslide Hazards with Ground-Penetrating Radar, Lake Michigan Coast

Earthquake-Induced Rock Fall and Slide Hazard along U.S. Highway 97 and Oregon Highway 140 near Klamath Falls, Oregon

Potential Impacts of Earthquake-Induced Submarine Landslides on Shipping in the Columbia River

Mitigation Options to Reduce Thaw Instability Hazard at the Denali Park Mile Post 45 Landslide

Seismic Upgrades Techniques of Improving Post-Earthquake Reliability of Pipelines





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