Effects of Exploratory Studies Facility Construction Water on Radionuclide Release

A GIS Based Technique for Hydrologic Modeling

Policy Instruments for Improving the Efficiency of Bureau of Reclamation Supplied Water

Economic Analysis of Optimal Water Policy

Effluent Reuse Options in the Desert Environment

Implication of Pump/Treat Systems on Land Subsidence

Klamath Basin: Integrated Water Resources Management

Economic Considerations Relevant for the Shared Use of Transboundary Resources

Coastal Engineering Aspects of the Pier 400 Dredging and Landfill Project at Los Angeles Harbor, California

Impacts of NAFTA on Canadian Water Policy

A Survey of Urban and Agricultural Watershed Management Practices

An Australian Perspective on the Roles of Riparian Vegetation in River Restoration

Planning of Multiuse Hydrologic Systems in the Central Valley by Implementing Integrated Resource Management

Properties and Characteristics of Canal Control Algorithms

Earthen Covers for Semi-Arid and Arid Climates

Integrating Transboundary Water Sharing

Evidence of Partial Denitrification during Ground-Water Recharge, Southern High Plains, Texas

Detection of Effect of Urbanization on Storm Runoff

Biosphere II - Its Effects on Space Colonization
In the middle of the Arizona desert, a strange sight can be seen. A small world with ecosystems and different climate zones, just like Earth, is enclosed in glass and steel. The 3.15 acre...

Logistics Carriers for the First Lunar Outpost
This paper describes that aspect of logistics concerned with the design parameters and operation of hardware that may be used to deliver and protect spares and resupply items for NASA's...





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