Irrigation with Marginal Quality Waters: Issues

Stormwater Runoff Control in the City of Austin, Texas(adapted from Urban Pollution Prevention and Control Planning, EPA, 1993)

The Shared Use of Transboundary Water Resources In the Middle East - An Historical Perspective

A Series of Innovative Improvement of Water Purification System

Defining Efficiency and Uniformity: Problems and Perspectives

Identification and Quantification of Efficiency and Uniformity Components

The Planning of Water Quality Facilities Using a Limited Data Set

Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water Using an Organic Filter

Irrigation, Geology and Wetlands in Semi-arid Regions

Water Pricing

Anatomy of the Extraordinary Drought at the United States-Mexico Border

Implementation of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Naval Air Station Miramar

Implications of Parking Policies in Employment Areas on Mode Choice and Land Use

Land Use Distribution for the Transportation System in San Diego

Land Use Planning to Reduce the Need to Travel

The Link Between Transportation, Land Use and Air Quality: ARB Research

Evaluation of Transportation Alternatives for Tallahassee's Proposed Northeast Parkway

Application of a Simplified Land Use Transportation Planning Process in a Developing Region

The Travel Model Improvement Program: A Program Description

Potential Use of Artificial Recharge in Jordan Rainfall Runoff and Infiltration Model





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