Development of a Land Use Database for an Integrated Land Use and Transportation Model

The Ability of Modeling Tools to Assess VMT Reductions from Land Use Policies and Strategies

The Development of Integrated Land Use–Transport Models in Oregon

Household Travel, Household Characteristics, and Land Use: An Empirical Study from the 1994 Portland Travel Survey

Interactions Among Land Use, Area Type, Congestion Mitigation Strategies, and Air Quality

A Comparative Study of Midwestern Detention Basins

Using Hydraulic Modeling for System Improvements: State College Borough (PA) Water Authority

Development of a California Water Use Efficiency Policy through Stakeholder Consensus

Water Managment in New Hampshire: An Overview and Preliminary Event Duration Analysis of Proposed Instream Flow Rules

Allocation of Water Withdrawals in a River Basin

A Comparison of BMP Requirements: A Case Study

Use of Advanced Hydroenvironmental Modeling and Simulation in Water Resources Management

Integrated Dual-Mode Roofwater Collection System for Non-Potable Uses in the NTU Complex

Advancement of Rainwater Uses in Taiwan

The Arid West: Water Quality Research Project (WQRP)

Land Disposal of Water Treatment Plant Sludge—A Feasibility Analysis

An Approach for Water Quality Management Using Simulations with Spatially Distributed Data

Odor Control Process Selection Confirmation Using Dispersion Modeling

Hydrodynamic Modeling of Johor Estuary–Johor, Malaysia

Land-Use Changes, Public Transport and Travel Demand in Australian Cities





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