Effluent Reuse Options in the Desert Environment

A GIS Based Technique for Hydrologic Modeling

Design, Construction, and Operation of a Surface Recharge Facility for the Purpose of Reusing Secondary Effluent in an Arid Climate, Tucson, Arizona. U.S.A.

Potential Use of Artificial Recharge in Jordan Rainfall Runoff and Infiltration Model

Use of Percolation Tanks in Recharge Augmentation in Semi-Arid Hard Rock Terrain in Western India

Sewer Trench Subsidence Due to Severe Flooding

In Situ Bioventing in Deep Soils at Arid Sites

Geoenvironmental Problems in Costa Rica

Spatial Variation of Runoff and Erosion under Grass and Shrub Cover on a Semiarid Rangeland

Rainfall and Runoff for Southwestern Desert Watersheds: A Characterization

Changes in Land Use and Sediment Yield of Fines

Detection of Effect of Urbanization on Storm Runoff

Detection of Land Use Effects in the Flows of the Bull Run River, Oregon

Hydrological Impacts of Climate Changes on a Semi-Arid Region of Brazil

An Australian Perspective on the Roles of Riparian Vegetation in River Restoration

Stormwater Runoff Control in the City of Austin, Texas(adapted from Urban Pollution Prevention and Control Planning, EPA, 1993)

A Series of Innovative Improvement of Water Purification System

Evidence of Partial Denitrification during Ground-Water Recharge, Southern High Plains, Texas

Irrigation, Geology and Wetlands in Semi-arid Regions

Earthen Covers for Semi-Arid and Arid Climates





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