New Compression Based Design Principals for Reinforced Glulams

Laminate Bonding for Concrete Repair and Retrofit

Strengthening Steel Composite Beams with CFRP Laminates

Dynamic Evaluation of Wood Bridges

Design of Timber Bridge Stringers with High Strength Fiber Reinforcing

Anchored Masonry Veneer Added to Building Code for Masonry

Causes of Camber-Loss in Stress-Laminated Wood Bridges

Random Vibration of Laminated Composite Plates with Shear Non-Linearity

BEM for Scattering of Elastic Waves by Cracks in Laminated Plates

Laminated Composite Reinforcing for Concrete Structures

Design of FRP Shapes for Civil Structures

Laminated Composite and Sandwich Shell Analysis via Efficient Transverse Shear/Normal Deformation Shell Element

Nonlinear Analysis of Laminated Composite Structures Using a Layerwise Theory

Efficient C0 Finite Elements Based on Modified High-Order Zig-Zag Laminate Theories

Experiments on Stressed Beams for Timber Bridges (Engineered Construction of Recyclable Bridges for Sustainable Development)

Planar Dynamics of Finite Piezoelectric Laminates: Exact and Discrete-Layer Solutions

Nonlinear Formulations of Laminated Plates with Piezoelectric Laminae

Damage Zone Evolution During Fatigue Crack Propagation in Aramid And Glass Fiber Reinforced Laminates

Glulam Gets New Layers, New Strength and New Uses

Wood Working
Engineers may be more accustomed to working with concrete and steel, but for certain projects aesthetics, cost or other considerations may make wood the preferred choice. According to...





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