Development and Use of Stress Laminated Timber Deck Bridges
This presentation provides a brief overview of the concepts, development, research needs, economics and recent use of stress laminated timber bridge decks. Repeated articles on the serious...

Dynamics of 3-D Base Isolated Structures
The work described in this paper concerns the dynamic behavior of asymmetric base isolation systems consisting of laminated rubber bearings and hysteretic dampers. It is shown in this...

Epoxy Repair of a Glulam Beam
The repair of timber structures by epoxy injection techniques is a recently developed repair alternative. Theoretical and experimental studies have resulted in the formulation of design...

Analysis of Masonry Veneer and Steel Stud Walls

Analytical Investigation of Corner Cracking in Brick Masonry Veneer

Design Criteria for Generators in Low-Head Hydro-Power Plants
Principal characteristics and design features of such generators are discussed and options and preferences in their selection mentioned. Effects on inertia constant, efficiency, reactive...

Analysis of Delamination in Composite Laminates

Low Velocity Impact Resistance of Tough Composites

Interlaminar Cracks in Laminated Beams: Isodyne Assessment of Some Analytical Solutions

Minimum Thickness Design of Symmetric Composite Laminates

Reliability of Timber Bridge Decks

Bending of Thick, Rectangular, Composite Plates

On Vibration of Anisotopic Laminated Beams

A High-Order Theory of Laminated Shells

Three-Dimensional Hybrid-Stress Finite Element Analysis of Composite Laminates

Residual Stress and Rebound Deformation in Curved Glulam Timber Members

On Stress Singularities in Laminated Composites

A Model for Yield of Bi-Phase Lamellar Eutectics

Impact Response of Buckled Composite Laminates

Membrane Theory for Layered Ellipsoidal Shells





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