Lake Regulation During Record-Breaking Conditions

The Great Flood of 1994: The Disaster that Did Not Happen

Water Quality Management Planning in Hungary: A Case Study

Impacts of Sand and Gravel Pits on Low Streamflows

Management of Water Resources in North America III Anticipating the 21st Century, September 4-8, 1993, Tucson, Arizona: Canada-United States Boundary Waters Management Arrangements

Making a Pavement Management System Functional at Salt Lake City

Management of Water Resources in North America III
Anticipating the 21st Century
This proceedings, Management of Water Resources in North America III, contains fourteen of the papers presented and discussed at the Third...

Turbine Entrainment at Six Hydroelectric Projects Located on the AuSable River, Michigan

Modelling the Effect of Verticl Flow-Developer on Ice Cover

A New Formulation for the Stochastic Control of Systems with Bounded State Variables: An Application to Great Lakes Levels Regulation

Lake and Surficial Aquifer Interaction

Toxicant Impacts on Plankton: An Approach to Modeling

Sensitivity of Great Lakes Forecasting System Nowcasts to Meteorological Fields and Model Parameters
The Great Lakes Forecasting System is being developed by the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory and Ohio State University. It uses meteorological fields as input to a numerical...

Historical, Current and Upcoming Regulation Schedules for Lake Okeechobee
This paper reviews historical information of regulation practices for Lake Okeechobee since the beginning of the century. It also describes and analyzes the multipurpose objectives associated...

Effects of Climate Change on Water Quality
This research explores the potential effects of climate change on the quality of waters in lakes. Temperature and dissolved oxygen were considered the primary water quality variables due...

Water Policy Change, Implications for Pyramid Lake
Pyramid Lake is part of and is surrounded by the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. The river system has been administered by a Federal water master serving the Federal court system with...

Missouri River Recreation Economic Analysis
The Missouri River main stem lakes and downstream river reaches encompass about 1900 river miles from the mouth at St. Louis, Missouri, to the headwaters of Fort Peck Lake in Montana....

Heuristic Knowledge-base Approach to Runoff Estimation in Midwestern States Using a SCS Curve Number Method
The applications of the Knowledge-Based engineering has emerged as a potential technique for incorporating human expertise and some degree of intelligent judgment into decision-supporting...

Concept for a Mixed Use Recreational Harbor on Lake Superior

Harborside International Golf and Marina Facility





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