Earthquakes and Reducing Their Losses in Kuwait

Environmental Impact Assessment of the Al-Sharq Waterfront Project, Kuwait

Lessons from Recharge Experiments in Kuwait

N Kuwait, War-Delayed Design Nears Completion

In Kuwait, Oil Flows Three Years Early

Kuwait: The Incredible Shrinking Rehab
With rehabilitation estimates now just 20% of what they first were, the liberation of Kuwait has not been a cure-all for the construction industry. Firms participating in the emergency...

Building Expandable Housing Units in Kuwait

Design Considerations for a Navigational Channel
The hydraulic feasibility of the proposed navigation channel from Shuwaikh to the offshore area in Sulaibikhat Bay was studied. Channel width and alignment were determined considering...

Preliminary Engineering Design of an Artificial Tidal Lagoon System in Kuwait
A coastal resort project was planned for a 30 hectare site along the Arabian Gulf approximately 69 km south of Kuwait City at Dubaiyeh. The master plan, originally developed by Kuwait...

Circulation and Transport Phenomena in Kuwait Bay

The Kuwait Waterfront Project





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