Wave Forces on Partially Submerged Pipe Breakwater

On the Average Wave Steepness

Assessing the Local Geologic Component of the Earthquake Hazard in the Portland Metropolitan Area

Dam Engineers Go Over the Top
In the 1980s, dam engineers with the Lower Colorado River Authority worried that the Wirtz Dam, near Austin, Texas, would fail in the event of a maximum probable flood. They looked to...

Risk Management at Wahleach Dam
In a first-of-its-kind application, engineers used risk analysis to make event-driven design decisions to evaluate dam safety improvements at Canada's Wahleach Dam in British...

Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation Using Structural Wave Propagation

When Hurricane Fran slammed into the North Carolina coast last September, it ravaged a fragile barrier island system already torn up by Hurricane Bertha two months before. The result was...

The Effect of Particle Damage on Wave Propagation in Granular Materials

Ocean Wave Attenuation due to Ice Floe Collisions

Grid Generation & Data Analysis for Wave Transformation Models

The Effect of Negative Wave on Dam Breach Outflow

Sea Waves Power Converter

Alternative Materials for Overtopping Protection

Comprehensive Inspection of Bridge Decks with Ultrasonic Methods

A Study of the Practicality of Acoustic Tomographic Imaging for the NDE of Concrete Structures

Edge Wave Excitation by Random Sea Waves

The July 1996 Flood on a Trans DMZ River in Korea

Positive Front of Dambreak Wave

Analysis of Flow Field in the Meandering Channel

Turbulent Energy Transport of a Jet in Stagnant or Wave Environment





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