Treatment of Karst Along Tennessee Highways
The construction and maintenance of highways in karst areas of East Tennessee has resulted in the occurrence and treatment of induced sinkholes along the ditchlines of numerous highways....

Foundation Treatment of Karstic Features Under TVA Dams
TVA has constructed many of its dams on limestone foundations. Some of these foundations have been highly weathered and required special treatment not only to ensure strength but to develop...

Geotechnical Aspects of Karst Terrains
Exploration, Foundation Design and Performance, and Remedial Measures
The presence of solution cavities in karst terrains poses some unique problems in site exploration, design of foundations, and in remediation of problems with existing structures. Case...

Khao Laem—A Concrete Face Rockfill Dam on Karst
A continuously reinforced concrete faced rockfill dam has been successfully designed and constructed on a karstic limestone foundation in Central West Thailand. The dam is not in an earthquake...

Closure of a Baghouse Dust Disposal Site in a Karst Geologic Setting

Special Grouting at Tarbela Dam Project

Disposal of Treated Effluent in a Karst Terrane

Experience with Subsidence Due to Mining





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