Chemical Stabilization of Kaolinite by Electrochemical Injection

Influence of Fines Content on the Behavior of Compaction Grout

Soil Type Effect on NAPL Removal by Surfactant

Comparative Response of Two Barrier Soils to Post Compaction Water Content Variations

Effect of Zeta Potential on Soil Electrokinesis

Electro-Osmotic Mobility Measurement for Kaolinite Clay

Detachment of Humics-Coated Colloids from Fluidized Beds

Effect of Mixing on Flocculation Kinetics of Kaolin Clay Suspension at Cold Temperature Using Fe(III) Coagulant

Flocculation Kinetics Using Fe(III) Coagulant to Coagulate Kaolin Clay in Water: Effects of Temperature
Flocculation kinetics using ferric nitrate as a coagulant to coagulate kaolin clay in water was examined using several experimental factors. Both the particle size distribution data obtained...

A Piezoelectric Sediment Density Probe

Seepage Control in Kaolinite Clay with Simulated Cracks

Undrained Strength of NC Clay Under 3-D Conditions

Mathematical Modeling of Compressible Cake Filtration
A numerical and analytical model of cake filtration was derived from liquid and solid continuity and momentum equations. Constitutive relationships describing porosity as functions of...

Surface Erosion of Compacted Pure Clays

Mechanics of Mudflows
A Bingham model is adopted to study the fluid mechanics of mudflows. Equations for predicting the transition from laminar to turbulent flow in an open channel are formulated and verified...

Performance of Three Soil Models for a Clay

Soil Science for the Tropics

Evaluation of Predictions

Properties of Deposited Kaolinite in a Long Flume

Drum Centrifuge Studies of Over Consolidated Slopes
A method is presented for predicting the shear strength mobilized during undrained failure of model slopes in overconsolidated clay. Also long-term failure of model slopes in overconsolidated...





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