Treatment of an Urban River by Sidestream Nitrification

To Filter or Not To Filter: Boston's Two Track Approach to Compliance With the SDWA

Use of HEPA Filters to Control Ionizing Radiation

Leaching of Spent HEPA Filters for Cost Effective Disposal

The Importance of Sludge Age Control for Biological Nutrient Removal in the FGR-SGR Process

An Overview of Filtration Methods That Can Provide Protection from the Macrofouling Zebra Mussel at Hydroelectric Facilitites

`PILOTE': Optimal Control of Irrigation Canals

Multivariate Stochastic Modeling and Optimal Filtering for Weather Network Data Quality Control

Innovative Storm Water Treatment At The Oak Hollow Reservoir

Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water Using an Organic Filter

Tracking a Serial Filter
The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District in northern California conducted pilot testing of extreme/high-rate serial filtration (EHRSF) to see if the process could meet water treatment...

Modeling of a Compost Biofilter Incorporating Microbial Growth

Stormwater Treatment: Inlet Devices and Filtration

Modal Filter Based Structural Control of a Highway Bridge
An Adaptive Modal Filter (AMF) algorithm is developed which uncouples complicated multi-mode structural dynamic response into simple single-mode response. The application to active structural...

Linking Hydrodynamic and Biogeochemical Transport Models for Estuarine and Coastal Waters
Methodologies for linking estuarine and coastal hydrodynamic and biogeochemical transport models are reviewed and evaluated. The central premise of the review and evaluation is that intratidal...

Sand Filter Backwast Pit Criticality Analysis

Water Infrastructure Risk Ranking and Filtering Method
The availability of water distribution infrastructure is critical to the sustained support and growth of society. Water infrastructure consists of systems that carry water (pipe and irrigation...

Assessing Roughing Filtration Design Variables
Rural communities are affected by the surface water treatment rule and are looking for inexpensive filtration options which are easy to operate and maintain. This paper evaluates roughing...

Filtration and Backwashing Performance of Biologically-Active Filters
Before widespread use can be made of biological filters, it is crucial to develop an understanding of the filtration and backwashing performance of these filters. Experimental results...

Computer Aided Design of Trickling Filters





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