Upgrading Trickling Filters with Primary Effluent Filtration

UV Disinfection for Onsite Filter Effluent

Monomedia Alternative in Tertiary Filtration

Anaerobic Treatment of Firefighting Wastewater

Greywater Management for Isolated Northern Communities

Simulation of Water Resource Systems

Efficient Removal of Solids from Dual-Media Filters

How about Reverse Filters
Reverse or inverted filters allow water to drain freely without carrying away suspended solids. Their pore size must be properly related to the fines being protected. Terzaghi's...

Efficiences of Advanced Waste Treatment Obtained with Upgraded Trickling Filters
Many or most cities and towns, and particularly the smaller ones, still use trickling filters in their wastewater treatment plants. The process is economical and reliable, but unfortunately...

Modeling Sediment Filtration by Vegetative Filters

Compaction Effects on Hydraulic Failure Gradients

Sediment Removal With Vegetal Filters

Research Analysis of Plastic Filters

New Use for Filter Fabric: Highway Construction
A growing area of filter fabric use is road construction, both secondary and superhighway. The article focuses on one case history in Cambridge, Maryland where, after a one-year test,...

Responses of MDOF Systems to Filtered, Non-Stationary Random Excitation

Predicting Expansion of Nonspherical Filter Media

Taylor Dispersion in Spatially Periodic Porous Media and Other Periodic Systems

Filter Fabrics in Shore-Protection Structures: Save Money, Ease Installation
Over the past decade, plastic filter fabrics have seen growing use in shore-protection structures (e.g. revetments, breakwaters, jetties), river-bank protection schemes, and other areas...

Erratum for Filter Fabrics: Growing Use in Road and Highway Construction

Plastic Filter Fabrics Have Bright Future
There are thousands of existing installations using filter fabrics in North America and additional thousands in Europe, most built in the past 10 years. The momentum is gathering. Filter...





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