State Space Approach to Flood Stage Estimation
A flood routing and stage prediction model is developed using the techniques of State Space and Kalman filtering. The governing equation is the physically based hydrologic method of flood...

Performance Prediction for Removal of Odorous Organics From Drinking Water by Adsorption
The authors address three questions: What do packed bed filters remove from suspension in water treatment plants? How do they accomplish this removal? How can this knowledge be used in...

Particles, Pretreatment, and Performance in Water Filtration
Relationships among raw water quality, pretreatment facilities, and the design of packed bed filters are presented and applied. The particle size, particle concentration, particle surface...

Belt Filter Operation and Maintenance Survey (ASCE-WPMC Subcommittee Report)
This report summarizes the results of a national survey of municipal wastewater plant belt press installations conducted by an ASCE Task Committee in 1984. Data from 106 installations...

The Evolution of a Technology

Removal of Giardia Cysts by Filtration

Adsorbtion and Biodegradation in Activated Carbon Filters Treating Pre-ozonated Humic Acid

The Performance of Two Intermittent Sand Filters

Comparison of Current Pressure Filter Sludge Dewatering Technologies

Sludge Combinations Impact on Incineration

Innovative Wastewater System for a Small Community

Prediction of Direct Filtration Performance

Slow Rate Sand Filtration for Providing Drinking Water for Small Communities

Rapid Sand Filtration of Giardia Cysts

Removal of Microorganisms by Slow Rate Sand Filtration

Effect of Feed Characteristics on Filter Press Performance

Secondary Treatment Alternatives Attached Growth Systems

Fatigue and Model-Following Problems in Active Control of Vibrating Structures

Comparison of Wastewater Parameters and Estimation of Coefficients for Design

BOD Limit in Synfuel Plants' Cooling Tower Makeup





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