A New Hybrid Joist System

Composite Joist Behavior and Design Requirements

Floor Vibrations: Ultra-Long Span Joist Floors

Composite Joist Case Histories

New Developments in Engineered Lumber Rim Products

Proposed Provisions for Steel Erection Safety: Design Implications

Probabilistic Evaluation of Wood-Joist Floor Vibrations

Serviceability System Factor for Design of Wood Floors

Bracing in Cantilever-suspended Span Construction

Preliminary Wood-Floor Vibration Design Criteria

Reliability of Light-Gage Metal Joist Hangers
Limit state design equations are formulated to assess the reliability of light-gage metal joist hangers using the results of experimental studies. The design equations are calibrated against...

Investigation of a Failed Concrete Joist System
The failure and distress of concrete joists contained in the promenade roof deck of a one-story, college, lecture hall building initiated an extensive investigation to determine the cause...

Composite Beams and Joists
Composite beams and joists used as flexural members in multistory steel-frame buildings are considered. Research results have shown that present design values for headed shear studs, used...

Steel Bar Joist Performance: Design Deficiencies and Defects
Several failures of steel bar joist roofs have been investigated by the authors in the past decade. Many of these failures or performance problems have corresponded to bar joists manufactured...

NEUROFLOOR: A Flooring System Selection Neural Network
A back-propagation neural network (BPNN) has been trained to help building designers and engineers in designing or analyzing steel bar joist flooring systems. The NEUROFLOOR BPNN allows...

Wood I-Joists: A Closer Look

Joist Hanger Primer

Behavior of Long-Span Composite Joists

Alterations to Old Wood Building
In order to accommodate a new use, a request was made to remove bearing walls supporting the roof of a 42 year-old building and substitute timber posts. The existing nine-foot ceiling...

Response of Realistic Wood Joist Floors





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